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Regulatory Update - Amendment of approval for aminopyralid products

Regulatory Update: 23/2008

Issued: 24 July 2008

1. Previous information concerning damage to allotment crops believed to be caused by residues of the herbicide aminopyralid in manure can be found in Regulatory Update 15/2008 (issued 16 June 2008) and Regulatory Update 18/2008 (issued 11 July 2008).

2. PSD has already confirmed that using manure, which may contain residues of aminopyralid, does not have implications for human health. However, in response to the concerns of allotment holders and leisure gardeners about damage believed to result from these residues, PSD has been in contact with Dow AgroSciences Limited, the approval holder and data owner for the majority of aminopyralid products approved in the UK. Dow AgroSciences have asked for their approvals to be modified whilst the situation is under investigation.

PSD has accepted this and amended the approval of all products containing aminopyralid to suspend the approval for sale, supply, and use with immediate effect whilst further investigations are undertaken.

Storage is unaffected and it remains legal and safe for these products to be stored by anyone.

The approval holder, product names and MAPP numbers of affected products are:

Approval Holder

Product Name

MAPP Number

Dow AgroSciences Limited















AgChemAccess Ltd



3. Users and distributors are encouraged to continue to store any stocks they hold, or to contact Dow AgroSciences to arrange their return. In the case of stocks of Upfront (MAPP 13782) you should contact AgChemAccess Ltd. Stocks should not be disposed of illegally. Distributors are asked to inform all their relevant customers of the suspension.

Contact Details

If you have any questions relating to this Regulatory Update, please contact us: Link to Contact details page.

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