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Monthly listings of Revocations - March 2004

This page provides access to revocation notices issued in March 2004. The reason for each revocation can be found in the final column of the product table as detailed in the explanatory notes.

Further information regarding the procedures for issuing and publishing revocation notices can be found on the revocation notices page.

Control of Pesticides Regulations ( COPR) (superseded approvals)

Plant Protection Products Regulations ( PPPR) (superseded approvals)

Commercial Withdrawal

Further Information

New Revocation Procedures (explaining the new procedures for publishing revocation notices)

Explanatory Notes for Revocations(to be used in conjunction with monthly listings)

All Approval Holders Letter 17/2003: Changes to Approval Documentation

The Applicant Guide contains details of when an approval can be revoked and the different options for revoking approvals.

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