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Minutes of ACP 367 held on 20 May 2014

The Advisory Committee on Pesticides provides independent advice to Ministers on matters relating to the regulation and use of pesticides, including applications for approval of new products and reviews of existing approvals. It usually meets in closed session (because of intellectual property and commercial secrecy considerations) approximately six times a year in York.

Those present:

Meeting Chairman:

Dr Simon Wilkinson


Dr G Bending; Dr J Cocker; Mr R Davis; Ms J Dean; Dr M Hare; Dr C Harris; Mr P Jackson; Dr C Morris; Prof K Palmer; Prof R Shore; Prof A Smith; Dr S Waring;.


Mr D Finnegan; Prof T Hutchinson; Prof T Lock;

Representatives from the following Departments and other organisations were present:

The Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD); Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra); Food Standards Agency (FSA); Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA); Health & Safety Executive (HSE); Public Health England (PHE); Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Northern Ireland (AFBINI).

Representation from:

Agform Ltd (Agenda Item 4)

At its meeting on 20 May 2014, the Committee discussed the following issues:

1. Agenda Item 1: Minutes and Detailed record of discussion

1.1 a) 366th Meeting: Minutes [ACP 1 (367/2014)]

1.1.1 Agreed as drafted. (link to minutes of 366th meeting)

1.2 b) 366th meeting: Detailed record of discussion [ACP 2 (367/2014)]

1.2.1 Agreed as drafted.

2. Agenda Item 2: Secretary’s Report [ACP 3 (367/2014)]

2.1 The Secretary to the Committee reported on the recommendations made at previous meetings.

3. Agenda Item 3: Matters arising [ACP 5 (367/2014)]

3.1 The Secretary reported on matters arising from previous meetings.

3.2 It was noted that the Committee were still waiting on the FERA (Food and Environment Research Agency) paper on the analysis of bee health data and pesticide usage.

3.3 The Committee agreed amendments the Draft Detailed Record for ACP 363 based on feedback from the Chlorpropham Stewardship Group.

3.4 Members were provided with further information on methodologies used in a research project which was presented at the previous meeting as ACP 15 (366/2014).

4. Agenda Item 4: Application for authorization of ‘Blutron’ and ‘Blutron Plus’ (contains isoproturon and diflufenican) [ACP 15(367/2014), ACP 15/1 – 3 (367/2014)]

4.1 One Member declared a personal specific interest and left the room.

4.2 Members received a presentation from Agform Ltd on the products. Members were supportive of an important development that seemed to offer the potential for such a significant drop in the dose used.

4.3 The Committee discussed the risk assessments that had been completed by CRD. Subject to confirmation by CRD that the data on this formulation were in line with expectations for this type of product, members agreed with the conclusions leading to the very restricted period of use. Whilst this would meet the requirements of the European regulation 1107/2009 for authorisation, the Committee noted that it would be important to discuss the practical implications of the restricted timing of application with the applicant.

5. Agenda Item 5: Emergency authorisation of Cruiser OSR on Oilseed Rape and Mustard Seeds [ACP 14 (367/2014), ACP 14/1 (367/2014)]

5.1 Three Members declared a personal specific interest and left the meeting.

5.2 The Committee considered this application for emergency authorisation.

5.3 Members confirmed that the criteria for an emergency authorisation specified in Regulation 1107/2009 were met.

5.4 The Committee noted that the ACP had previously advised on the continued authorisation of thiamethoxam for use as a seed treatment for oilseed rape and if Ministers granted this authorisation, they would encourage the applicant to take the opportunity provided by practical use of the product to gather further data on risks to bees.

6. Agenda Item 6: Application for the Emergency Authorisation of Mesurol on Winter Oilseed Rape

6.1 One Member declared a personal specific interest and left the room.

6.2 Members considered this application for emergency authorisation.

6.2 The Committee discussed the need for an emergency authorisation and the potential benefits this treatment would bring. The limited data currently available indicated a potentially significant risk to birds and mammals. Members concluded that it was likely significant further data would be required to consider this risk further to determine whether there would be a risk under practical field conditions.

6.2 The ACP considered that the potentially significant risk to birds and mammals outweighed the potential benefits in this emergency application.. .

7. Agenda Item 7: Environmental Health Atlas of UK

7.1 Attention was drawn to this new publication and the Committee agreed that it was an interesting research tool. It was important to emphasise the limitations of these data in that they offered the potential for researchers to generate hypotheses, but were not suitable for drawing any conclusions on specific causes of ill-health.

8. Agenda Item 8: A systematic review of literature on asthma prevalence and exacerbation and other respiratory diseases in association with pesticide exposure

8.1 The Committee welcomed this well conducted report, and agreed with the report’s conclusions.

9. Agenda Item 9: Future arrangements for the ACP website

9.1 The Committee were informed about the cross-government need to rationalise online resources.

9.2 CRD presented a range of options to the Committee for consideration and Members agreed that the ACP website should remain within the CRD section of the HSE website.

10. Agenda Item 10: Triennial Review of Defra’s Science Advisory Council (SAC)

10.1 Members were informed of the Triennial Review and the Committee were invited to contribute.

10.2 The Committee had no comments on the review and it was agreed that this would be fed back to the SAC.

11. Agenda Item 11: Government response to triennial review of HSE

11.1 Members were given a verbal update on the HSE triennial review by the CRD Director.

12. Agenda Item 12: Date of the next meeting

12.1 ACP 368 will take place on Tuesday 8 July 2014 at 11 am in rooms CR1,2 & 3 of Foss House, York.

13. Agenda Item 13: Any other business

13.1 The Committee were informed that the Science Media Centre were requesting the services of one or more Toxicologists to assist them with technical queries. The Secretariat agreed to send the full details to the Members for consideration.

13.2 Members’ attention was drawn to the tabled letter of thanks from Professor Jon Ayres for a retirement gift which had finally reached him following difficult circumstances.

13.3 The Committee considered the position paper on the first UK authorisation for the use of Bacillus firmus. It was noted that it was not clear from the information provided whether two year storage stability data had been provided and asked that CRD check on this.

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