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Agenda for ACP 359 - 29 January 2013

359th Meeting on 29 January 2013 commencing 11.00am

1. Pesticides and Bees:
ACP 7 (359/2013)

Members will consider a number of recent developments in this area.

2. a) Minutes of 13 November 2012 ACP 1 (359/2013)

b) Detailed record of discussion 13 November 2012 meeting ACP 2 (359/2013)

3. Secretary’s Report ACP 3 (359/2013)

4. Matters arising: ACP 5 (359/2013)

The secretary will provide an update on matters arising from previous discussions

5. Asulox Emergency Application for use on bracken ACP 6 (359/2013)
ACP 6/1 (359/2013)
ACP 6/2 (359/2013)

Members will consider an application for continued use of Asulox to control bracken under emergency arrangements following an EU decision not to approve asulam as an active substance for use in plant protection products.

6. NPIS Report ACP 8 (359/2013)
ACP 8/1 (359/2013)

The Committee will discuss the latest reports from the National Poisons Information Service

7. Pesticide Incidents Appraisal Panel (PIAP) Report ACP 9 (359/2013)
ACP 9/1 (359/2013)
ACP 9/2 (359/2013)
ACP 9/3 (359/2013)

Members will discuss the findings of the latest PIAP report

8. Human Health Incidents ACP 10 (359/2013)

Members will consider the results of the annual survey of enquiries or reports of incidents to approval holders.

9. Public consultation on regulatory measures to support EU chemicals legislation ACP 16 (359/2013)
ACP 16/1 (359/2013)
ACP 16/2 (359/2013)

The Health & Safety Executive has launched a public consultation on regulatory measures to support EU chemicals legislation and proposals on reducing seven existing sets of domestic regulations into one statutory instrument.

10. Date of the next meeting:

ACP 360 to be held in Conference Rooms 1-3, Foss House, York, on Tuesday 19 March 2013, commencing 11.00am.

11. Any other business:

Information Papers

ACP Epidemiology Review – comments received from members ACP 11 (359/2013)

BRAWG Report – Ministerial acknowledgement ACP 12 (359/2013)

Acknowledgement on Stakeholder Engagement – UK Environmental Measures for Rodenticides ACP 14 (359/2013)

Letter from Scottish Government re- neonicotinoids ACP 15 (359/2013)
ACP 15/1 (359/2013)

ACP written evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee inquiry into insects and insecticides ACP 17 (359/2013)

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