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Expert Committee on Pesticides (previously Advisory Committee on Pesticides)

Introduction to the ECP

The UK Expert Committee on Pesticides (ECP) was established on 27 March 2015 to provide independent scientific advice on matters relating to the effective control of pests, including advice on approval and authorisation of pesticides (full details of the remit can be found under the Terms of Reference)

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Proceedings of the ECP

All the proceedings of the ACP, including Agendas, Minutes, Detailed Records of Meetings and details of the Annual Open Meeting can be accessed, along with links to the work fo the Environmental and Medical and Toxicology Panels can be found via the following link:

ECP Letters and Communications

The ECP routinely publishes communications and responses that may be of interest to visitord of the website. Guidelines and the ACP Communications strategy can be accessed here, along with letters, responses and details of Advice to Ministers on certain issues and literature monitoring:


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