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Resistance Action Groups

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Fungicide Resistance Action Group (FRAG)

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Aims & Objectives

Reporting Resistance



Steering Group

Chairman: Dr F Burnett, Scottish Agricultural College (SRUC) (Email: Fiona Burnett)

Secretary: Mr P Ashby, HSE (Email: Paul Ashby)

Latest News and Guidelines


New Guidelines:

Aims and Objectives

  • To gather and interpret information on fungicide resistance and its management and arrive at a United Kingdom (UK) consensus view.
  • To promote practical guidance on the status and management of fungicide resistance in the UK.
  • To indicate areas where Research and Development are required.
  • To provide an interface between industry's Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) official bodies and independent research organisations.
  • To produce, publish and promote educational material that will assist in the understanding of and reduce the incidence of resistance in plant pathogens.

Download the full constitution (amended March 2014)

FRAG-UK Interactive Search Facility

An interactive search facility is available which will generate information on which fungicide groups and modes of action are approved for a selected crop, to assist the user in identifying fungicides from different groups which could be used in spray programmes for anti-resistance management. Codes and comments courtesy of FRAC. Chemical groupings follow classification as used in the Pesticide Manual 14th Edition.

Reporting Incidences of Fungicide Resistance

FRAG are collating reports of fungicide resistance in the UK. This is both to monitor the extent of known resistance problems and to detect possible new occurrences.

If you are aware of a possible case of fungicide resistance please print out and complete one of the forms available below.

Please remember that there may be other reasons why fungicides fail to control a disease to the extent expected. These include using too low a dose, applying the fungicide at the wrong time and adverse weather conditions during or after application. Please consider whether factors such as these may account for the poor performance of a fungicide before making a report.

Please print out and complete page 1 of one of the forms below before returning to the address at the end of the form.

Guidelines and other Publications

Fungicide Resistance Leaflet

FRAG General Resistance Leaflet

General guideline and list of resistance problems known in the UK includes

  • Guidance on strategies against resistance
  • Glossary of resistance terms
  • List of known and potential resistance problems in the UK
  • Updated March 2012

Guidelines for Preventing and Managing Resistance in Cereal Pathogens

FRAG Cereal Leaflet Thum - 2010

Older information still available

Information and guidance for Septoria tritici resistance management in cereals (Jan 2004)

Original Jan 2003 Statement on resistance in Septoria to QoI fungicides

Possible resistance in Tan Spot:

Although sporadic in the UK, Tan spot (Pyrenophora tritici-repentis) has been known to cause occasional serious problems in wheat. Although no resistance has been found in the UK, the genes conferring resistance to QoI fungicides have been identified elsewhere in Europe. FRAG-UK will keep the issue under review, in the meantime further information and advice may be available from the FRAC QoI working group.

Oilseed Rape

OSR Mini


Dry Rot

published by the Potato Council

Latest late blight situation
There have been recent changes in the proportions of different strains of Potato Blight present in the UK which appear to be linked to an increase in resistance to phenylamides. While the current levels of phenylamide resistance are high, they are not unprecedented. It remains vital that phenylamides are used as part of a resistance management strategy and due to the current situation the number of sprays should be restricted. Refer to the manufacturer for the latest advice.

Apples and Pears


Published May 2013

Other Publications


Date of the next meeting: November 2013

Summary minutes of meetings

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