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2011 Programme

PRiF Annual Report

The Defra Expert Committee on Pesticide Residues in Food Annual Report 2011 (pdf 3.72mb)

Published 20 December 2012

Industry monitoring data

Industry monitoring data: supplement to the PRiF annual report (pdf 177 KB, 88 pages)

Commodity Reports

These reports contain compied results for indiviidual commodities (foods) from all 4 of the 2011 quarterly reports.

Reports have only been produced for commodities with Assured Produce protocols.

Quarterly Reports

Pesticide Residues Monitoring: Fourth Quarter 2011 Results

Report published 13 July 2012

Pesticide Residues Monitoring: Third Quarter 2011 Results

Report published 22 March 2012

Pesticide Residues Monitoring: Second Quarter 2011 Results

Report published 3 February 2012

Pesticide Residues Monitoring: First Quarter 2011 Results

Report published 7 December 2011

Rolling Reporting

All the results also appear in the appropriate quarterly report

2011 Rolling Report Archive

Survey Details

A summary of the survey programme as set at the beginning of 2011.

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